Start the Year with a Bang with These Easy Style Update

Just as you got all comfortable in your oversized sweats and uggs with your winter stock tucked into your closet, we’re here to prepare you for the trends and wondrous fashion updates for the New Year ahead.

2018 was the year where we saw a lot of diversity and many old trends made a comeback which teaches us one important lesson if it still fits don’t throw it out. We saw pastel colors hitting with a bang and a major revival or baggy vintage attire. As designers experiment with new designs and new colors, this year holds some very precious surprises and we’re totally ready for it.

Here are some of the trends you will be seeing and should be ready for in the New Year;

Black Blazer

Blazers on their own have a wild allure to them but the hint of black can make it more mystifying and elegant. The designers in Paris still mesmerized by the glamor of a black blazer were responsible for its iconic revival and it is definitely going on the popularity list. You can style a black blazer with almost anything from a shirt to a dress shirt. You can also choose the type of blazer depending upon the occasion and how fancy you want it to be. An embroidered blazer with embellishments is really going to turn some heads around.


Getting the fishnet treatment for your tops, bottoms and even leggings are going to be a hit in 2019. There are many conventional and nonconventional ways of using netting on your clothes. You could either cover the dress with the netting as the uppermost layer or you could use it separately as sleeves. Wearing a jacket made completely out of netting is one of the very stylish ways to use it as.

Asymmetrical Necklines

The off-balance silhouette of your body when contrasted with the made fabric wraps around your neck it not only makes it look good but gives the outfit a bit of an extra edge. You do want to make sure that you don’t go way overboard but asymmetrical necklines are definitely here for the long run. Not just for your shirts but also on dresses, there are many ways you can design and wear an asymmetrical neckline which is the best part about it, there’s no clear cut rule. Let your creativity flow with this one.

The Fanny Pack

No matter how hard we try to deny the existence of fanny packs in the fashion world they seem to always resurface with every chance they get and this time they might be here for the long run. With fanny packs this year, it does not matter what aesthetic type you are going for or if your outfit falls more in the formal category, fanny packs now look way different than what they used to but surprisingly, they look pretty chic.

Lavender Shade

Though the colors from the pastel family may have died down a little with the end of the year, the color Lavender still seems to be going strong. By spring time lavender would be making its well-deserved entry in the fashion world revolving mostly around formal dresses and suiting.

Dark Denim

No one in the fashion world would ever be ready to say goodbye to their versatile denim and as good news for the fans of the vintage era, they are here to stay. The dark denim is surely seeing a resurgence but with their own dark sets like Texas tuxedos. Many online stores are offering dark denim. You just need to grab the right piece.

Polka Dots

Refreshing the nostalgia from the ’60s and incorporating the idea into minimalistic 2019 clothes is what we’re all here for. Polka dots are back with a bang, especially in the spring collection. The polka dot print will be seen mostly in monochromatic colors and incorporated informal as well as informal clothes.


Taking a flight this season, are your dreams and the feathers in the fashion industry. Showcasing in the Saint Laurent fashion show, the use of feather for a bold statement would very much be the highlight of 2019.

Oversized Hats

We made them big but it seems like we never get tired of wanting them to be even bigger. Hat designers are now incorporating this into a lot of their designs.

The waterproof edition

If designers have learned anything from last year it’s that weather will never cease to be unpredictable. This year, expect a lot of bikinis, shirts, bottoms, dresses, and jackets with waterproof materials.

Here were some of the new trends taking flight in 2019 and it seems like a lot of the old trends are back. Choose the best outfits that suit your personal style. Better hope you still have them somewhere in your wardrobe.

Christine Rudolph is passionate about fashion, fitness and lifestyle trends. She is also a blogger, writer, and a technology freak. Follow @RudolphBlogger for more updates.

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