Stand Up by Somaya

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Meet Somaya, her new single is catching the world’s ears with it’s powerful message.

Growing up in Charlotte, North Carolina, Somaya was drawn to music from a young age. She began learning the piano when she was 4 years old and picked up singing while learning the guitar when she was 11. However, when she began experiencing depression in her early teenage years, she turned to songwriting and music as a source of healing. Somaya then decided to pursue music as a recording artist, hoping to help others heal through music as well. She started posting her music on YouTube, performing at small venues, and writing endless songs which led to the release of her debut album.

Somaya’s album is full of raw emotions, inspiring in its lyrics and powerful in the messages it delivers. Her belief in diversity, inclusivity, and equal rights for all human beings comes through in the rich lyrics that delve deep into human emotions.

Somaya - Stand Up (Official Lyric Video)

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