Spencer Jordan Releases New Single Friends Don’t Do That

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Nashville, TN (August 21, 2020) – Pop singer/songwriter Spencer Jordan recently released his new single “Friends Don’t Do That.”

SpencerJordan FriendsDontDoThat

“Friends Don’t Do That” is the last song off of Spencer Jordan’s current EP. It explores the repercussions of a friendship that became something more along the way. Through an acoustic guitar leaning track and nostalgic, yet poignant lyrics, Spencer conveys themes of personal responsibility, blame, acceptance of the past and, ultimately, hope for the future.

Spencer’s latest single offers a relatability factor to a generation that avoids vulnerability. With lyrics like friends don’t lead you on then leave you hangin’, friends don’t tell you they don’t feel the same then, hit you up after a couple months, make a move and kiss you when you’re drunk, the song is sure to hit home with listeners.


About Spencer Jordan:
Spencer Jordan is a pop singer/songwriter from Jupiter, Florida. After graduating from the University of Florida in 2016, he began his songwriting and artist career in Nashville, Tennessee. Spencer’s music is a mixture of the music he listened to growing up in his small beach town and the prevailing sounds found in today’s pop, and his writing focuses on the everyday struggles and victories that come with life, love, and growing up.

You can connect with Spencer on InstagramFacebookTwitter and Spotify.

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