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SØF Releases New Single “One Night”

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Following the releases of  four 2017 singles, sassy indie pop artist SØF continues on a fast pace with her newest single, “One Night.”

The track solidifies her place as a sassy indie-pop artist, but also shows a unique soft side in this particular set of lyrics. “One Night” is filled with flavor – and a perfect representation of her powerful voice and cheeky personality. To coincide, listeners get to experience a new set of visuals with each single released thus far, giving her audience a look into her many characteristics as an artist. With “One Night,” SØF has finally unleashed what may her most intricate and revealing track yet. About the single, SØF states:

““One Night” is the story of how I met one of the most special people in my life. They say love happens when you least expect it, and that’s completely true. My freshman year of college I met a guy that I thought was super cute and neither of us thought that our initial interaction would lead to anything. But, like I say in the song, “not quite.” You never know where life will take you.”

SØF is a sassy, spunky and unapologetic indie-pop artist with a flair for fast-singing and rapping. Seamlessly weaving between genres by incorporating elements that she’s inspired by, SØF has a knack for being eclectic and exceptionally unique. While her onstage persona may be cheeky, SØF is personable and sweet with a passion for philanthropy and giving back. Her soulful vocals combined with her catchy pop hooks and bold lyrics make her a musical force to be reckoned with.

“One Night” is available now.

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Twitter: @SOF_music


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