SoCal pop singer-songwriter Chloé Caroline releases new single ‘Messy’

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Chloé Caroline has big plans in 2019 with the release of her new single “Messy” on June 7th. With its biting lyrical commentary, she touches on a range of issues from the effects of social media to the darker subject of opioid addiction. With a spoken word-esque verse delivery, the song is blunt and honest but there remains a hopeful/upbeat tone thanks to the signature guitar riff and the resolving hook. Per the title, “Messy” is about celebrating life against all of its–well, messiness. 

Chloé says, “All of our lives are messy in their own ways–the ups and downs of life are what mold our stories. But it’s easy in a world with so much noise (cough: social media) to get bogged down with comparison and expectations. This song is meant to unify people through our messiness and celebrate the strength it takes to keep moving forward despite the struggles.”

Chloé’s music life is in constant motion and the past year is no exception, writing and recording over 75 songs in Nashville and Los Angeles, and now on her journey to Karma Sound Studios in Thailand to continue that creative process with a variety of heavy hitters from Southeast Asia and the UK. She also acted in the feature film “Love Of Course”, wrote and performed the film’s soundtrack, and did several key live TV performances in Los Angeles and Nashville. 

Chloé will tour throughout 2019 with residencies in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and festival dates throughout North America.

Stream ‘Messy’ on Spotify:

Chloé Caroline - Messy (Official Video)

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