SM6 Wants You To Take Love More Seriously In Generation Heartbreak

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Modern dating has become a desert devoid of romance for many and a haven of insincerity for others. SM6 is out to set the record straight with their new single “Generation Heartbreak,” where they advocate for a meaningful kind of love, one that involves written letters and real conversations over coffee.

Vocalist and songwriter Isabel pours her heart and soul into the track with lyrics like “it’s sad to say that no one looks at love the same way / I want to love the old way.” With the help of the members on the instruments and the producers in the studio, SM6 have created a track reminiscent of rom-com movie soundtracks from the early 2000s.

“Love is not like it used to be. “Generation Heartbreak” captures the simplicity of love in small gestures from a bygone era. I wrote this song out of sadness for our generation and hope that the old ways of love aren’t lost entirely.”

Isabel Jones

The track is characterized by a gradual build that layers on top of a piano and the main vocal line, where it climaxes in the last chorus and fades out the way it began: with one voice. The backup vocals sung by George Jones, Adam Jones, Emily Jones, and Jack Jones, that layer over Isabel’s vocals, provide an effortlessly delicate harmonic contrast, which, combined with the heartfelt lyrics, make the ballad a classic SM6 track that’s hard-hitting and relatable. Although the song seems a little barebones in the beginning, it’s such a treat to hear all the members harmonizing with one another at the end in tandem with the rising strings. While easy to follow, “Generation Heartbreak” is sure to hug at the heartstrings with its earnest lyrics and vocals evocative of artists like Florence the Machine or Evanescence. SM6’s latest single is sure to make listeners resonate with its heartfelt message and is a delight for fans of ballads; “Generation Heartbreak” is a great showcase of what SM6 has to offer as the band’s latest single ahead of their full album release in April 2023.

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