Skeleton Woman Releases New Single Planes

Skeleton Woman (aka SKo) debuts a haunting electro-pop sound on her new single, “Planes.” The Los Angeles singer-songwriter-producer is a music industry vet with a slew of accomplishments under her belt. You’ve heard her music in TV shows on MTV, VH1, and E!, while Billboard Magazine praised her songwriting credits. After navigating her way through the precarious ups and downs of the music industry in a band, where she experienced first hand the often abusive aspects of the male-dominated industry, she took a step back. When she returned to music, she was reborn from the ashes of her tragedy. Through that rebirth, she was inspired to create her solo project, Skeleton Woman (Sko), based on folklore about the circle of life. Now, she’s ready to show the world her empowering style of atmospheric, electro-pop.

On “Planes,” SKo explores three different phases of a past relationship. From the infatuation and courtship, where things are light and hopeful, she injects a sense of anticipation into her vocals. Eventually, the story grooves along to phase two, where the relationship grows intense and uncertain. You can feel the understated jazz influence alongside the psychedelic synthy pleasures, bumping and grinding with hushed ease. In the end, it all comes crashing down when she discovers he’s been untrue to her all along. The power of her vocals and the subtle melodic shifts of intensity turn the listening experience into a journey you want to hear again and again. SKo’s vocals are the star of the show, humming and undulating to the slow pulse of the rhythm. Be sure to check out SKo’s “Planes.” 



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