Six reasons you should update your bathroom ASAP!

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An old bathroom with leaky faucets and stained grout should never be the place to start and end your day.

If there is one place in the house where shine, cleanliness, and freshness are appreciated, it’s the bathroom. Renovating a bathroom can enhance its appeal and go beyond, making it a profitable project. Renovation makes a huge difference in your water usage, not to mention its effects on the resale value of your house. Homebuyers pay special attention to bathrooms when inspecting a home for purchase.

Bathroom renovations are particularly profitable in areas like Corpus Christi, Texas, where the average price of a house is $219,258 (According to Zillow), trending up by 0.2% compared to the previous year. Renovating your bathroom in Corpus Christy can make it more attractive for buyers who prefer more comfortable and functional spaces. According to Zillow, every dollar spent on bathroom renovation can help you receive $1.71! Amazing, right?

While you may start renovating your bathroom whenever you feel it is the right time, some reasons necessitate starting immediately. Below, you will learn about some of those reasons.

Mold in the bathroom

Mold can significantly impact your bathroom’s appeal, making it look outdated, tired, and neglected. In addition, mold is not good for the health of those using the room. So if you find mold in the bathroom, whether on walls, toilet, grout, wooden finishing, shower area, behind the bathtub, etc., it is time to update your bathroom.

Mold can thrive anywhere with the right conditions, such as humidity, warmth, and a lack of ventilation and light. However, it is a major problem in places like Corpus Christi, where the temperature mostly remains above 40°F. Summers are oppressively long and hot, with temperatures varying between 50°F and 94°F.

A reputable Corpus Christi bathroom remodeling company can inspect key areas in your bathroom, such as the bathtub or shower, where the chances of mold growth are more substantial. Based on the inspection, experienced bathroom remodeling experts can suggest solutions such as repairing or replacing the fixtures and materials and integrating your bathroom with antimicrobial technology.

Integrate features for automation

These days, bathroom plumbing fixtures come with several innovative and cool features, making your bathroom luxurious and attractive. If the existing facets and fixtures seem monotonous, consider replacing them with features like Bluetooth connectivity and touchless automation.

Another option is integrating smart lighting that you can control through your smartphone. You can choose bright and energizing lights during the refreshing morning shower, while for an after-work relaxing bath, you can switch to warm tones.

Some fixtures even work with voice commands. These features can make your bathroom a place where you enjoy spending time, performing your cleaning routine, and appreciating modern convenience.

Outdated decor

With time, the bathroom’s décor becomes outdated as new trends emerge. An outdated bathroom integrated with worn-out fixtures and faded paint and tiles is a good enough reason for considering a renovation.

You have endless options when it comes to updating an outdated bathroom and creating a space aligning with your taste and preference.

Some of the ideas for updating the outdated decor in your bathroom are the following:

  • Paint the walls of the bathroom.
  • Add innovative storage options.
  • Update countertop accessories such as soap dispensers and standing mirror frames.
  • Update the vanity by adding a new one or painting the existing one in a vibrant color.
  • Install stylish tiles.
  • Change the curtain of the shower area.
  • Install a non-skid rug near the vanity.

Fortunately, most of these ideas are not even costly; you can easily execute them according to your budget. For instance, the average cost of painting a bathroom is between $200 to $500, including labor fees and material costs. If you choose latex, mildew-resistant paint, the cost can increase to around $300 for a full bathroom.

Inefficient layout

The positioning of fixtures, cabinets, and accessories makes a huge difference in your bathroom’s functionality and efficiency. An effective layout in your bathroom ensures that everything is within reach and the available space is used optimally.

To provide an effective arrangement in your bathroom, you must consider the following:

  • Placement of the shower or bathtub
  • Proximity of the toilet to the sink
  • Placement of the vanity or toilet in relation to the bathroom’s door
  • Presence of enough storage space

A well-thought-out bathroom layout enhances functionality and comfort, allowing you to perform your daily hygiene routine more conveniently.

If you see the layout of your bathroom is not working, probably because you have older parents who need more space or kids learning to take a bath, updating your bathroom becomes crucial.

Visible damage

Visible damages, such as cracked and broken tiles, malfunctioning fixtures, worn out and stained toilets, chipping paint, and structural damage, are strong cases for updating a bathroom.

Visible damage in the bathroom does not pose an aesthetic concern, but it can also impact the usability and functionality of the space.

Cracked and chipped tiles look unsightly and simultaneously cause various safety hazards, such as slips and trips. Stained and overused toilets diminish the bathroom’s appearance while posing major hygiene concerns.

Similarly, malfunctioning and leaky fixtures can lead to water damage, mold issues, damage to the surrounding areas, and huge water wastage. According to the EPA, water leaks in the toilet can waste approximately 200 gallons of water daily. Therefore, by addressing visible damages, you can make your bathroom more functional and efficient and save a lot on your energy and water bills.

Changing family structure or needs

As time passes, families evolve, grow, and adjust to new members or lifestyle changes. For instance, if you are planning to get married or have a baby, your bathroom layout must be ready for these additions.

For your baby, you may need to create a child-friendly space with a non-slip floor or a cleaning area where you can comfortably wash your child.

Therefore, when your family’s needs and structure change, you need bathroom renovation to adapt to these changes. 

By incorporating future-oriented changes, you don’t only make your bathroom suitable for your current needs but also functional in the coming years.


Several reasons can contribute to encouraging you to initiate a bathroom renovation project. From simply uplifting its looks and appeal to addressing visible damage water leaks to adding automation, you can start a bathroom renovation project for any or all of these reasons. So, don’t wait— take the plunge and update your bathroom ASAP to align it with your needs and lifestyle and enjoy a comfortable and functional space.

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