Singer/Songwriter Timea Göghova Releases New Single & Video Wild Storm

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After the single “I thought” Timea presents another single “Wild Storm”. Chronologically “Wild Storm” was actually the first single, laying the foundation for the cooperation of Timea and Caro. 

Timea’s voice is very controlled, showing obvious training (I’d bet operatic or classical). She frequently alters her tone for emphasis—at times quite nasal in a way that reminds me of Klaus Meine of Scorpions, at other times full and robust in her lower register.

This piano player, Caro D’lirium, is dynamite. It’s a lovely arrangement, played with expression. However, the piano is quite bright and strident. I’d have chosen the darker, softer, more forbidding piano tones of Evanescence’s debut album Fallen—an album, by the way, that feels like it must have inspired Timea’s work on some level. That’s a stylistic choice, though, and I could be wrong! Frightened of death? Neither am I. At 2:37, she offers that, my favorite lyric of the entire song, a naked challenge delivered in a throaty, almost hoarse belt, tinged with a deliberate rasp. It’s the best part of the song, for me, hiding humbly in the second verse.
By the way, I think it’s exceptionally cool to throw in a key change, which Timeaand Caro did in “Wild Storm.”

This is a very solid track. You have to be into this kind of music to latch on to it, but for fans of dark piano songs and good old-fashioned metal ballads, this song has a lot to offer. I’d recommend it to fans of Evanescence, Amy Lee, Nightwish, Tori Amos, and even Halestorm. Despite being extremely stripped, you can still feel the metal lurking under the surface.

The video is a production within 24 hours and made between pre-productions appointments of the Voice of Germany. Bartek Latosinski, the man on the camera called Timea on the highway back from Berlin proposing to film the day after… So they filmed, Timea edited and the video went online the very next day. The day after she was hitting the road again back to Berlin.
Some despair and loneliness gleam through in this video. Some strong or even violent expressions “stab my heart” or “boiling lava” stand in strong contradiction to the calm nature of it and the graceful movements of Timea.

Timea Göghova & @carodelirium  - Wild Storm

Timea Göghova is an artist, singer, and songwriter covering various genres. She is singing clean, she screams and she also sings some classic.

She has had two bands, a Melodic Metal Band, Still Awake since 2016 and Passion Control, a Jazzfunk Band, since 2017.

She started her solo project in 2021 in the genres of ballads and R&B
The solo project Balladesque is in the foreground in 2022, there’ll be more focus on R&B in 2023.

The first ballads are recorded with the piano arrangements from Carolina Melisa Gonzalez alias Caro D’lirium (Argentina), but there are going to be other artists and songwriters featured in this project.

Timea’s love for music and singing was already obvious as a child. Her parents got to know each other in a choir, so singing must have been put in her cradle. After living 2,5 years in London, where she also sang in a choir, in 2001 she finally moves to Germany after falling in love with the German language.

Some projects/bands:

2009 – 2015 – second progressive Metal Band – Infinum

Album Release „Illusions“ without label

2015 – 2018 – electronic world music – Arcana Obscura

Album Release „2000 Miles“ – Consequence records

2016 until now – third metal Band – Still Awake

Album Release autumn 2022

2017 until now – jazz-funk fusion Band – Passion Control

EP Release 2020 Before the first, EP Release 2021 Second before the first


Winner of the South German Finals of the Emergenza Band Contest with Still Awake 2017
Winner of the Heavy Summerbreak Festival with Infinum 2012 
Participation in the TV Show The Voice of Germany 2021

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