Singer/Songwriter Donovan Holden Release New Album A Brighter Day

Out artist Donovan Holden has just released his brand new album – the third to date-  called “A Brighter Day”, available now at

The singer/songwriter simultaneously dropped a first single and music video for a new song called, “Lunch in Paris”


A Ohio native, Donovan Holden, began early on to write his own songs, in notebooks, vastly influence bu the radio tunes of the time: country, soul, rock n’ roll, pop, blues, jazz, gospel, and sacred music, which all seemingly co-existed together before the days of heavily formatted radio. 

His family then moved permanently to Florida following his high school graduation. 

Holden naturally became a product of the South Florida music scene. The blues rock of Northern Florida, and the Caribbean rhythms coming from SouthEast  ‘Gold’ Coast permeated the air, and created a unique musical perspective and sound for many of the musicians in the area. Waves forever crashing on the beach, and trains routinely clacking north and south were always ringing in their ears, and animating their movements. 

The artist moved to Los Angeles in the early 1980’s with three musician friends and two dogs. 

While his friends enrolled in music school and tried to find their footing on the local music scene, he immersed himself in the thriving gay community.

Shortly after the turn of the century, he met his husband. Together they dabble in a range of theater, film, music and publishing projects, while keeping bread on the   table with their healthcare careers.

In 2015, he finally completed his first album, ‘An Ordinary Thing’, utilizing songs and players that stretch from east coast to west before releasing his second collection, ‘Accepting All Prayers’, in 2017.

‘A Brighter Day’ is his latest collection of songs – twelve different takes on the human condition. 

Songs of love, friendship, joy, pain and hope. Songs about getting up everyday and never giving up. 

Album cover

Digital downloads and streams are available on all major service platforms: Apple, Amazon, Tidal, Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube.

And on on CDbaby:

Singer/Songwriter Donovan Holden Release New Album A Brighter Day

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