Sid Releases Emotional New EP Bridges

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Sid is a singer, songwriter and producer based in London. Originally from Mumbai, he started producing music back in grade school and has since been creating beautifully introspective songs, each of them varied, intense and full of emotion.

His music comprises vivid, electronically-rich ambient soundscapes that make you feel just as much as they make you think. His genre is defined by neon-drenched synths, acoustic elements and punchy drums. Inspired by the likes of Lauv and Ed Sheeran, the 18-year old’s songs capture personal experiences and emotions, complete with mellow tones, electronic flourishes and raw, honest lyrics.

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Taking complete creative control of his music, from start to finish, Sid is now unveiling his new EP Bridges. Comprising of three-tracks, the release touches on the songwriter’s move to London and his hopes of building new bridges, making new connections and establishing real ones. Sid shares, “I go on walks by the Thames quite frequently, and the idea of ‘Bridges’ as a project came about from running across them daily.” The story behind the EP is broken up into three songs, starting with the emotional title track “Bridges”. Beautifully melancholy, the song will tug at your heartstrings with it’s simple, soft instrumentation and glowing vocals. The ballad is about all the challenges that come with seeking new bridges – the loss of old ones and the rising aspiration that comes with a hunger for success.

Then there is “Connection” – sweeping piano melodies and echoing vocals narrate the feeling of being worn-out emotionally and a constant battle between the head and the heart. The move to London brought some challenges that Sid had to face, he confides, “The most prominent of these was loneliness, made stronger by the isolating times we currently are in. I wrote this song, venting out a loss of momentum, a lost sense of direction.” The mellow and cinematic track features haunting harmonies which will send shivers down your spine.

“Fire” delivers the perfect conclusion to the EP. Describing another intense personal story after Sid’s move to London. He reveals, “I met an individual who made me change my perspectives on life entirely – in a positive way, of course. Every bridge has two ends. This song is about seeing the other end of your bridge and wanting to reach it. It is undoubtedly and unashamedly, a love song, and I think it has some of the best verses I have ever written.” It also juxtaposes a positive feeling with a slightly negative one – the desire of getting to this ethereal ‘other’ side of the bridge while also setting fire to it, or plainly put: seeking new bridges and burning old ones. The passionate song has a minimalist sound, allowing Sid’s vocals to shine bright and giving listeners a look into some of his most personal experiences.

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