Short film ‘Hope in Vein’ confronts HIV stigma and celebrates Pride month digital premiere

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The digital release of the highly anticipated short film, Hope in Vein, directed by Marc-Antoine Turcotte, is set for its digital Pride month release worldwide Tuesday, June 27 on Vimeo.

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This thought-provoking narrative follows the journey of Matt Davis (Joshua Bilbao), a young man who grapples with the profound stigma associated with living with HIV after contracting the virus from his long-term partner.

HOPE IN VEIN Official Trailer (2023) HIV Comedy - Drama

“Hope in Vein” delves deep into the layers of emotion and challenges that arise in the wake of Matt’s diagnosis, highlighting the social and carnal repercussions he encounters while navigating his newfound status. Seamlessly weaving together the complexities of Matt’s experiences, the film offers viewers an intimate and poignant perspective from Turcotte‘s lens.

“I had somewhat heard of it; distance stories of the anguish. It seemed medical breakthroughs faded the discussion. You soon find that the stigma keeps on scuffing the progress. Every experience is different, yet we may all sense the same taint,” says Turcotte. “I approached this film with desire to open up the conversation, and hopefully lighten it up a bit.”

Through the disparate obstacles that consistently remind Matt of the stigma he faces, Hope in Vein explores the theme of forgiveness as a powerful conduit to reignite hope. With a talented cast and a heartfelt script, the film presents a compelling narrative that will leave audiences captivated and inspired.

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