Shonali Bhowmik shares chill indie-pop single “I’ll Be Your Therapy”

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New York City | N 13, 2020 – In a wave of release, Shonali Bhowmik’s new single “I’ll Be Your Therapy” comes as a chill, yet rejuvenating, indie-pop single. Layered, electronic elements provide a surge of energy, as she reflects on the anxiety, uncertainty, and fear that we’ve all faced in the past year.

NYC based, Shonali Bhowmik is a multi-talented musician, actress, comedian, and filmmaker. She also co-hosts a live variety show podcast series called “We Don’t Even Know“. Front-woman of the indie-rock band Tigers and Monkeys, “I’ll Be Your Therapy” comes as her first solo release since 2011.

The single providing a blissful release to the craziness of the year. A relaxing yet also energizing indie-pop tune incorporates electronic layers and acoustic guitar, for a unique and refreshing twist. She wrote the track in response to her own uncertainty and anxiety of 2020, hoping it provides a little therapy and relief for others. “We have all been forced to lead a new way of life,” said Bhowmik. “Many of us are overwhelmed by the instability and vulnerability we feel due to the coronavirus pandemic combined with the fact that we have a long road ahead in achieving racial justice in the United States.  As we all do our best to cope with our new way of life, I personally found myself feeling unfocused, anxious, and unable to create music or art for a good part of this time. I do my best to appreciate the small things because the big picture is overwhelming. In a fleeting moment, I was able to find some calm and I wrote, recorded, and also edited a video for ‘I’ll Be Your Therapy’. ”

Coming only a week after an intense election, Bhowmik’s new tune provides a moment of escape and a reminder for all to take a break sometimes. “I used the process of writing this song as a reminder to myself and to my friends that it is good to check out of the news cycle and social media once in a while – and that we must actively take the time to take care of ourselves. #SELFCARE #SOULCARE My goal was not to strive for perfection, not to over-think, and to seek out the beauty that exists in the world.” The writing experience also provided Bhowmik an opportunity to stretch outside of her comfort zone, exploring new sounds with electronic beats, keyboards, and the challenge of self-recording.

“I’ll Be Your Therapy” is out everywhere now including SpotifyBandcampApple Music, and Pandora.

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