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She Loves Me by Joshua KYEOT

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South London-based singer/songwriter Joshua KYEOT drops a short EP titled “She Loves Me.”

The EP, She Loves Me features “Playground Sweethearts” and “Strangers Passing By” and focuses on two different approaches made on the same girl: The initial approach is made by the the “Playground Sweetheart” about a sweet crush. He’s loved her for years and has only mustered up the courage to do something about it.

The second song is about a stranger: two “Strangers Passing By” each on their initially different paths. He is interested and decides to test the waters as he feels there might be something there despite the sweetheart she already has.


Link to the EP:

Joshua is a singer and songwriter from South London, who writes soul songs with a timeless quality and has a tone that is instantly recognizable.

Citing Stevie Wonder, Sisqo, and Michael Jackson among his top influences, Joshua is an all-round entertainer and has something to offer that can be respected by the discerning and casual listener. The surname KYEOT that he has adopted is telling onlookers to pay attention: Keep Your Eyes/ Ears On This.



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