Shane Garcia Releases Haunting Alt-Pop Single Evil Twin

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Making music, especially the act of singing, can be a deeply personal and vulnerable thing for many people (including established artists).

For Shane Garcia, singing wasn’t something they showed in public until their first open-mic performance at the age of 19. Through their music, Shane is able to be more transparent about the hardships and tribulations that they’ve experienced thus far. Their new single, “Evil Twin,” expands upon Shane’s experience with mania that resulted in regrettable actions and a lack of self-control. Shane, co-writer Jesse Fink, and producer Benzi were able to transfer Shane’s trauma onto a song where they could lay their experiences out for the world to hear. 

“I wrote this song with various experiences in mind from my own benders. I’ve had struggles with mental health, specifically bouts of mania that led to self-destructive decisions. By the end of those long nights and days when I was able to finally pull myself together, I felt like I wasn’t even in control. It was almost as if I was another person, an evil twin.”  – Shane Garcia

Characterized by hazy synths and a foreboding piano, “Evil Twin” has a decidedly eerie atmosphere and tells the story of one person’s manic episode with lyrics like, “I got an evil twin, she’s mixing liquor and E again, leaving with strangers at 3 am.” Production cues like static, the glitch-like “I got an evil twin,” echoing drum fills, and brief moments of silence are the foundation of “Evil Twin’s” ominous sound; it’s reminiscent of music from the movies, especially those that are set in apocalyptic times or depict a thrilling kind of horror. This song is definitely a must-listen for fans of alternative pop music (i.e. Lana Del Rey, Dove Cameron) or those who just want to feel a chill up their spine.

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