Sellers’ Guide to Saving Thousands in Commission Using UpNest Platform

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Are you thinking about selling your home? The first thing to tackle would be finding a reliable real estate agent. After all, without them, it would be tiring hours of marketing yourself, making time for visits and finally wishing that you had actually hired a professional. 

Thomas Lembck, an eager home seller from Collegeville, Pennsylvania, was wondering the same. Unsatisfied with the real estate agents he was meeting, Thomas decided to try an advanced digital platform to find a better alternative. 

The best decision he took was to hire UpNest partner agent Mike Bottaro.  In a matter of 36 hours, he sold his 4,633-square-foot home and saved $7,740 in agent commissions, all thanks to UpNest. 

The online marketplace began as a means for both sellers and realtors to be more transparent and efficient. Over the years, UpNest has helped homeowners to save billions of dollars. Through UpNest, homeowners and buyers can hire real estate agents, who compete for their business with low commission rates. 

Choose UpNest to Find The Right Realtor

It is only common to wonder why to choose a random realtor from the internet if you can find someone from your local agency. As Mr. Lembck’s experience confirms, it is about the simple fact that it is more productive, organized and less expensive. 

The National Association of REALTORS® reports that the total number of active real estate agents with NAR membership exceeds 1 million in the United States. In total, the number is estimated to be over 2 million. There is no denying that the competition is fierce, especially in states of California and Florida hosting over 200,000 realtors. 

When you are offered this abundance of options, it is challenging to compare agents and find one who is most suitable for you, within your desired budget. When you choose UpNest you are given access to a large database of over 17,000 real estate agents, with complete details of their past performance data and consumer testimonials. 

How to Use UpNest

Even with this long list of highly qualified professionals, UpNest makes it easy for home sellers to choose a dealer for your sale. Follow these simple steps to get started on the business. 

  1. Enter your details, and preferences on the UpNest website
  2. Wait to receive quotes from multiple agents within the first 24 hours. 
  3. Choose which agents you want to interview. 
  4. Hire the realtor whom you find most agreeable. 

The highlight here is that UpNest puts no obligation on the sellers to hire any realtor. There is also absolutely no fee from your side other than the commission rates you have agreed to pay the realtor. 

How Does UpNest Agents Offer Low Rates

It is only fair for you to wonder how UpNest can help you save money. 

All the agents on the website are experienced professionals. However, when they are quoting for your business, the agents cannot see the proposals their peers have made. This motivates them to lower their quotes to be awarded, without compromising the quality of their service. In fact, the Department of Justice agrees that competition in real estate could help consumers to save on commission. 

Moreover, you have the option to compare their UpNest customer reviews and performance to see which one is most qualified to take up your sales. This allows you to make a decision without wasting time, making the process objective and transparent. 

UpNest also allows the sellers to see how much fee you would be paying upfront. You would be in total control to review commission rates, negotiate them, see buyer commission refunds and how much you would be saving in the whole process. 

So, if you have been pondering on the nagging question of real estate commissions, now you know how to proceed. With an excellent digital platform such as UpNest, you not only have access to one of the largest realtor databases but also to hire the best one at the lowest rates possible. 

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