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See It In The Flesh: Why Live Entertainment Is Worth Going Out For

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Often – especially as the days get shorter and colder – we look at an opportunity to go out and aren’t enthused.

Sure, we might have fun, but we’ve got a TV and three different streaming services. We haven’t even made a dent in that box set yet and besides, it’s cold. I don’t have anything to wear. There’s wine and ice cream in the fridge and smiling at people tires me out. You know how quickly the decision to stay in can be made.

And it’s not always the wrong one to make. At-home entertainment is better than it has ever been, which is one reason bar and club owners hate the digital age. Sure, they have Wi-Fi on their premises to ensure that people don’t go straight to their competitors. But really, the fact that we can watch or listen to anything without leaving the house makes it hard for them.

And while this isn’t designed to be a hard-luck story, that is something worth considering. Do we want our cities and towns to become like ghost towns? Or do we want to enjoy life’s rich tapestry by taking in live entertainment once in awhile?

Seeing A Show: More Important Than You Realize

As we may have mentioned, that box-set isn’t getting any more watched with you going out. But it will still be there when you get back, and it’s been paid for. Those actors have been paid for their appearances. Do you know how they got to that point? They paid their dues in any show that would hire them – often on stage. By going to see a show once in awhile, you can help launch the next star. And then watch them on TV. At home.

Going All-Out: The Bigger The Show, The Greater The Occasion


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It’s true that to go out, you end up spending money. And no-one’s saying you have to do it every night or even every week. Only the very wealthy can go out as often as they want without killing their plastic. But if you don’t go out often, maybe when you do, you should make an occasion of it. Going to see The Lion King? Have a meal out beforehand, or after. Do some sight-seeing in New York and make a weekend break of it.

Making Memories: Entertainment Is About The Experience


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Going out for entertainment doesn’t just mean seeing a film or a band. There are countless things you can do, and by getting into a routine of seeing something new every so often, you can broaden your avenues. Ask yourself if you’ve ever seen a live comedy show. Not just the ones that get made into DVDs or TV specials. Seeing it in the flesh – or a poetry reading, or an art installation – gives it an extra dimension. And if you’re at all creative, it can inspire you, too.

That’s the thing – the DVDs, books and TV services you have at home will always be there. They aren’t going anywhere, but by this stage, they’re established. Catching it live is something different. Something special.

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