Sarah & The Safe Word Drop Cinematic New Single “Red Hot & Holy”

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 An ambitious combination of gothic pop and a vaudeville-esque rock, Sarah & The Safe Word explore themes of safety, comfort, and sensuality on their new single “Red Hot & Holy,” out now

The 7- pieces breaks the rock mold by expanding on the genre with a wide range of instruments, but they also aren’t shy in their lyrical content. Lead vocalist Sarah describes the song as being “about struggling to find a space for yourself in a culture that so frequently denies young adults the opportunity to grow and blossom – whether it’s in their identity, sexuality, spirituality, or aesthetic. This is me saying, ‘Let me breathe, let me love, let me be touched how I want to be.’” Sarah & The Safe Word very much seem to be creating a brand centralizing around both the inclusion and well-being of their listeners, which is perhaps the most intriguing part about the group. While both cinematic and melodic, “Red Hot & Holy” is the perfect example of their vivid, theatrical, sensual smoothie of sounds as they gear up for their upcoming EP release this fall. About the release of “Red Hot & Holy,” the band states:  

“Red Hot & Holy is our most ambitious song to date. We’re so excited to share our vision of dark pop with all of you, and to show you all what our band is capable of.

Since taking Atlanta by storm in 2017 with the release of their debut full-length Strange Doings in the Night, Sarah & the Safe Word has been up to no good. After playing the Vans Warped Tour in 2017 at the personal request of founder Kevin Lyman, guest appearing on the CW show The Originals, opening for national touring acts like Motionless in White, booking independent tours across the United States, and headlining their own sold-out Atlanta shows, this 7-piece group has been brewing up something sinister in their basement. Now, they’re prepared to unleash their melodically macabre experiment onto an unsuspecting music scene. Sarah & the Safe Word are a band used to turning “What the fuck is this” into “This is fucking awesome.” Whether playing to an audience of 200 or 2,000, their unique twist to the standard rock formula—which includes a violinist, violist, and double keyboards—often endears them to unfamiliar audiences. Their queer and POC-positive lineup also means that Sarah and the Safe Word are a band for everybody, and they believe strongly that their shows should remain a safe, inclusive space for anyone who attends. Their new EP Red Hot & Holy fulfills the promise only hinted at by previous releases. Each song is an explosive cinematic adventure, careening from breakneck demon-powered race .cars (“Formula 666”), to swashbuckling pirate battles on the open sea (“Dead Girls Tell No Tales”), and back down home to the swampy, Southern marshes of revenge (“Lit Cigarette”). With a sound that speaks nostalgically of days gone by and a future that never came, Sarah & the Safe Word can safely guarantee a live experience like no other. They enthusiastically encourage all listeners, young and old, to prepare themselves for cabaret, vaudevillian antics, Southern gothicism, demented gospel, dark pop, and—of course—blistering rock and roll. “Red Hot & Holy” is available on all digital platforms and YouTube (music video) 

Sarah and the Safe Word - "Red Hot and Holy" (Music Video)




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