San James Shares New Song “Otherwise”

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Somewhere between the explosion and the shelter, there is San James, a humble monument to the lost battles and to the victorious wars; to the hearts destroyed along the way and to the courage it takes to keep swimming, even when the river is burning. Songs to document our infinite capacity for love and hate, perhaps.

San James was going through a difficult period – where she was struggling with depression and anxiety – and hadn’t written a song in quite a while. She was in a pretty dark place and felt dispossessed. Then, one day, on a subway ride home, San James started writing on her phone. The inspiration came suddenly as if something had been waiting for a long time to express itself. In less than thirty minutes, she had just written the lyrics to a very special song – she knew that. A few days later, San James sat down at the piano and music naturally came to complete those lyrics. It was the first time she’d ever written a song that wasn’t about love and relationships. It was about her.

The new single, “Otherwise,” is basically about telling someone that it’s OK to feel vulnerable and that hardship can be overcome.

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