Ruby Red Release Captivating New EP Area of Affect

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Indie-pop duo Ruby Red have just released their captivating EP, Area of Affect. Daniel Laner and Fernando Fine explore emotion through a range of sounds inspired by various genres that encourage thought for all listeners. Area of Affect is now available for streaming worldwide.

Ruby Red’s new EP captures human emotion through hypnotic sounds and thought-provoking lyrics. “‘Affect’ refers to the experience of emotion, feeling, and mood, which is really what every song on the EP is about, in one way or another,” explain the duo. “We, as human beings, are all little areas of affect, feeling our way through life, feeling a certain type of way.” The entirely self-produced EP allows Ruby Red to explore the intricate details of each song, “Area of Affect is meant to showcase that attention to detail and captivate the listeners’ subconscious mind with ear candy and sonic trinkets.” The upbeat funk sound of “All Night Long” allows for the duo to explore a time in their lives through music; this is a track that is sure to get people on the dance floor. “With ‘All Night Long,’ it was more about making a song that was fun, upbeat, not too serious because that’s how we were living at the time.” The R&B inspired sounds of the interlude track, “Live from the Grave,” are a reflection of their musical influences growing up; “We both grew up on rap and hip hop, and the indie stuff is a relatively recent exploration.” The EP also features previously released singles, “Superbloom,” “Desert Star,” and “Ozone.” Area of Affect allows listeners to connect with their own emotions through attention to sound details and meaningful lyrics.

Ruby Red is a Los Angeles based indie-pop duo made up of Daniel Laner and Fernando Fine. Area of Affect is the band’s second EP, following their 2018 release, Lovelock. Since that release, the duo has partnered with Create Music Group and appeared in Flaunt Magazine, We Found New Music, Blurred Culture, and DIVVY Magazine. They have performed at several venues in Los Angeles including The Satellite, the Mint and the coveted Breaking Sound LA showcase at the Peppermint Club. Ruby Red also opened for The Palms & Bay Ledges in San Luis Obispo.

Area of Affect will leave Ruby Red’s dynamic audience thinking about their own emotional journeys. The EP is now available on streaming platforms worldwide.

You can keep up to date with new releases from Ruby Red by following them on Instagram @rubyredsound.

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