Rob Richings shares video for new single ‘Ten Seconds’

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Rob Richings is a man making good on a promise to himself. The singer-songwriter’s debut album ‘Parkas and Boots’ is a collection of observant and personal folk songs – the tales of a troubadour who knows too well how fragile life can be.

It was a brush with death that gave Rob a new sense of perspective and renewed lease of life. In 2009 he was diagnosed with a rare and severe form of colitis, which after years of misdiagnosis, metastasised into cancer. Now, following three life-saving and life-changing operations Rob is thriving and can expect to live a relatively normal life. While on the road to recovery Rob decided enough was enough and it was time to get serious about his music. “I don’t want my illness to define what I do,” Rob says, “but at the same time, that illness and the way I look at life now has made me a better songwriter.”

‘Ten Seconds’ was written when Rob was very ill, inspired by the first ten seconds of the day when everything is okay, before reality kicks in. Watch the video below.


Rob Richings - Ten Seconds


Taken from his debut album 'Parkas and Boots' released October 7th 2016
Taken from his debut album ‘Parkas and Boots’ released October 7th 2016


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