RESPONS Drops New Single Pray For Change

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Fresh from the release of his debut track ‘Therapy’, emerging singer/rapper RESPONS – aka Billy Crabtree – delivers another heartfelt single release in the form of ‘Pray For Change’.

Not afraid to touch upon difficult topics when being expressive with his music, the rising artist gets candid about suicide, the experience of loss and his want for the need for change when it comes to those affected by sudden loss and those who feel there’s no other way out.

Speaking on the track, he said: “I wrote ‘Pray For Change’ off the back of a few very difficult weeks in the town that I live in, where three people tragically lost their lives in quick succession. It was around that time that I was getting desperate to leave and move to London, but what was going on hit hard.”

Primed to be an unmistakable voice in music and with early support coming in from key tastemaker COMPLEX, as well as heavy blog coverage and a premiere from BBC R1Xtra’s DJ Ace, where ‘Therapy’ was made his Record of the Week, his desire to be honest and relatable in his music is the crux of his artistry, as evident in his first ever release. With a string of singles to come that explore the human condition in its different facets, from suicide to relationships, RESPONS is sure to win the hearts of many who see themselves in him.

RESPONS - Pray For Change

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