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Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Shelter Dog

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If you’re thinking about extending your family with the addition of a four-legged friend, consider exactly what that would mean for your life and lifestyle. Many people desire to own a pet but are not in the best circumstances for an ideal situation. Dog ownership takes a whole lot of patience, responsibility, time, energy, and money.

Take a close look at these considerations to determine if you are ready to own a dog. After you know for certain, it’s time to find a forever friend. While some people choose to purchase a pure-breed dog from a breeder, there are endless benefits for those who choose to adopt, and not shop. Let’s focus on a few core reasons why you should adopt a shelter dog.

Save Someone Who Needs Saving

Without a doubt, thousands upon thousands of dogs out there in the world need to be saved. These dogs need a wonderful and loving home, but the world does not have enough manpower to provide one to them. Unfortunately, while you cannot save every dog, there’s at least one out there that you can.

When you choose to adopt a dog from a shelter, you are literally saving his or her life. This creates an ongoing cycle of dog rescuing. Shelters take in thousands of animals yearly, and when a dog is adopted, the room is made for new dogs to be rescued as well. With each adoption, other dogs are given better chances to find their own forever homes. You may even encourage others around you to do the same.

Stand Against the Cruelty of Puppy Mills

Out of the top reasons why you should adopt a shelter dog, taking a strong stance against puppy mills is at the top of the list. While there may be a breed or puppy you truly have your heart set upon, it’s crucial to not support puppy mills with profit by buying a dog online or in a store.

Puppy mills are big, commercial facilities that breed dogs and raise them in inhumane ways and abusive living conditions. When you choose to adopt a dog from a shelter, you indirectly speak out against this cruelty. You help break the cycle.

Give a Variety of Second Chances

When you visit an animal shelter, you’re able to see the variety of dogs that you can choose from to give a second chance at life. Dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds, with a wide array of personalities and stories, are available to become a close friend. Consider less-popular breeds or giving the oldies a chance too—they have a lifetime of experience as a friend. No matter your decision, you will make a difference in an animal’s life. Second chances happen one decision at a time.

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