Raylee Forest Shares New EP My World

Step into the eerie world of Raylee Forest, a dark pop singer-songwriter whose music has been hailed as Perfect for the Villains in a Disney Movie. With a bold vision and a distinctive musical style, Raylee is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

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Described as “Perfect for the Villains in a Disney Movie,” Raylee Forest is a gifted dark pop singer-songwriter with a strong vision and unique musical style.

Raylee is well-known for her skill at creating vivid settings with her music. On songs like “Trophy Hunter,” “Mask,” and “Puppetry,” she carries listeners far into the Dark Forest, where old magic flourishes and unsettling animals prowl in the shadows. These songs connect with a broad audience globally and highlight her extraordinary inventiveness and distinctive dark style.

Her track “Mask” is one of the top 300 songs on NetEase and is on Spotify’s official playlist “HYPE+” “Puppetry” won the “Silver Single” award on NetEase, and “Trophy Hunter” became well-known all around the world for its combination of sensuality, humor, and eerie cinematic drama.

Raylee began playing the piano when she was a little child and finds great inspiration in classical composers like Chopin and Beethoven. Her sound, which distinguishes her from Western musicians, skillfully combines the sentimentality of East Asian pop with the legendary influences of performers like Michael Jackson and Britney Spears. She was born in China but is now residing in California.

To develop her own sound, Raylee combines genres, unusual song structures, and surprising chord progressions. She is always keen to explore new ground. With the May 2024 release of her debut EP “My World,” Raylee is well-positioned to defy expectations and expand the parameters of popular music. She is a force behind the development of music as much as an artist.

Album - My World

Stream & Download My World https://hypeddit.com/rayleeforest/myworld


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