Rae Leigh Shares New Single ‘Push Em Up Jill’

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Rae Leigh gets cheeky with her new single ‘Push Em’ Up Jill’. A comedy country song about a nurse from the 70’s that came about from a music festival in Queensland and a common love for country music, nurses and their sense of humour and what women have and how they use it.

Rae Leigh Push Em Up Jill

This is Rae’s debut comedy country song showing us the lighter side of her personality that she picked up from her mum who was a midwife for 35 years and age care nurse for 15+ years till present.

“My mum was a nurse growing up and she always had a great sense of humour to help get through the up’s and downs of being a nurse, it’s a hard job and i have a lot of appreciation for men and women who dedicate their life to such an essential job” – Rae Leigh



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