Producer Josh Sallee Drops New Song & Music Video “Hollywood Hoax”

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Oklahoma-based Rapper Josh Sallee just released his newest track and accompanying video, “Hollywood Hoax.” With a steady, smooth beat that blends well with Sallee’s deep lyricism, this song offers an introspective glance into the cruel realities of getting caught up in the stereotypical lifestyle of Hollywood and having the means to pull yourself out of it. The track focuses on the picture-perfect facade of Hollywood when the reality is much darker.

I think that dark feeling is attributed to all the souls that have come to Hollywood expecting to make it big or rich or whatever they dreamed of, only to be met with a city that can eat you alive if you let it…Being there made me appreciate Oklahoma.” – Josh Sallee

The dreamy video was edited and directed by R3X Wonders, whom Sallee found via Instagram. A golden overlay with intriguing imagery grasps the viewer’s attention as Sallee embodies different aspects of a carnival. The music video was visually appealing, using a green screen to create another world where Los Angeles is a circus and Sallee is a puppet being pulled in different directions. Both the video and track make a statement about the illusion of Hollywood, where everything isn’t as lively and exciting as it is perceived. 

Hollywood Hoax - Josh Sallee (prod. Josh Sallee)

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