Powerhouse Vocalist Jessica Mercy of Anaria To Perform As Queen Mercy Roulette at Watch City Steampunk Festival on May 7th

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Jessica Mercy, the frontwoman of symphonic rock band, Anaria, will be reprising her role as Queen Mercy Roulette at the upcoming Watch City Steampunk Festival, May 7th in Waltham, MA. She will be performing a full set that includes show tunes, folk music, and opera arias to open the day’s festivities. Her performance pays homage to the Victorian Opera Diva, known for their extravagant gowns and jewels, as well as amazing vocals.

At the end of 2021, Jessica released her first original single as a singer-songwriter, “Listen.” It is available on all major streaming platforms and bandcamp. Watch the “Listen” video now:

Jessica Mercy - Listen (An Original)

“Music has always been my way out of personal darkness,” says Mercy. “If you ever feel unnoticed or invisible, know that you are not alone.”

Jessica and her husband, Sergio Salvucci, founded Wildthorn Productions, a full-service production company operating in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Her band Anaria has amassed over 3 million streams worldwide. Together, they have appeared alongside national acts such as Lacuna Coil, Amaranthe, Flyleaf, and more.


As an avid cosplayer, costume designer, and generally fashion-obsessed person, Jessica has been “steampunking” for well-over ten years now. She became the acting queen of Watch City Steampunk Festival a few short years after turning heads with her unique, original costume designs in the neo-Victorian genre. Several years ago, several parties recommended she incorporate music performance as part of the act and she has been offering her vocal talents ever since then.

While Jessica is most known for her work with Anaria, you can also find her vocals on the Celtic/world-inspired music of To The Ancients and soon, on a brand new goth pop rock project which will debut in 2022. Her live performance will open the Watch City Steampunk Festival at 10am on May 7th in Waltham, MA.

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