Pop Rock Band Till I Fall Release “Acoustic” EP

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California pop rock band Till I Fall show their softer side on their newest acoustic EP, simply titled “Acoustic,” out now. The four track collection strips down four original songs to a bare minimum, revealing yet another layer to the band’s musicality and giving listeners a fresh take on their music. 

About the EP, the band states:

Zax Avila:“Acoustic songs always speak louder to me because it seems like the rawest form of music. It can bring out an entirely different vibe with our lyrics bring being the focal point.”

Brandon Leland: “I’m really stoked to be sharing this EP with everybody and to head back to the studio ASAP. We’ve got a lot of new music and ideas that are unique and will hopefully help spark some new trends in the underground music network, to open up more conversation and encourage others to embrace their individuality.”

Till I Fall is a pop/rock band based out of San Jose, Ca, formed in 2011 by lead singer and writer Brandon Leland. Originally created as an acoustic solo project, TiF has expanded it’s sound, influence, and message over the 7 years of writing, recording, and touring. After the group’s 2017 Self-Titled EP, and re-introduction of lead guitarist/collaborator Zax Avila, the band has just begun getting to work, also adding friends and San Jose artist’s Scott Deimler (Driftwood Sinn, Street Drum Corps) and Anthony Corrigan (Sailing South) to help create it’s best live show yet and strengthen the bands rhythm section. With plans to spend the Summer rehearsing for upcoming tours and writing/working on new music, Till I Fall decided to go back to their roots and release Acoustic,an acoustic EP featuring a mix of new and previously released songs, with hopes of showing a different side to the group while also giving a hint of what’s to come. “Acoustic” is available now.


Connect with  Till I Fall

Instagram: @TilliFallSJ
Twitter: @TilliFallSJ

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