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Pop artist, Trevor Douglas, will release his melodic, pop-forward debut EP “Four In The Morning” on October 19, 2018

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Pop artist, Trevor Douglas, is set to release his debut EP “Four In The Morning” on October 19, 2018. The musician, born and raised in Texas, has spent the past few years crafting his uniquely soulful sound and bringing it to audience throughout his home state. Over the years, he’s brought his memorable melodies and smooth vocals to audiences on Channel 47’s The Broadcast, opening up for the Jonas Brothers at GEXA’s Heineken Lounge, and even The Dallas International Film Festival. Over the past few months, he’s spent time recording his debut EP in the closet of his Texas home with just his laptop and microphone. The project, written, recorded, produced, and mixed all by Douglas, and mastered by Paul Flint, is grounded in real instrumentation, hook-filled pop choruses, and his distinct mix of acoustic and synthy pop style.

The opener, “Pressure,” is an immediate and clear introduction to who Trevor Douglas is. Layers of vocals pour themselves over a beautifully pristine acoustic chorus, smooth and quiet, it’s a booming track about the end of a relationship. The rhythmic, pop savvy “Problems,” is a wistful reflection tied up in unforgettable musical moments. It’s beat-heavy and sensual, building to an impactful and intense chorus that hooks itself into your memory. “Take This Back” is fun and flirty throwback to the synthy, loop pedal heavy aesthetic of the 1980’s. A romantic banger about giving a relationship a second chance, it’s one of the most pop-forward tracks on an EP filled with unforgettable melodies. 

The romantic promise in the form of lyrical magic, “Stay By Your Side,” proves that Douglas can do both soft and sweet, and sensual and pop-y, all in one fell swoop. It harkens back to the golden-age of pop, with boy band-style heartfelt promises tossed with jittering guitars and danceable beats. “Hold Me,” co-written with pop artist Charlotte Bash, is another moment of quiet reflection that wraps itself up in a stunning pop arrangement. It’s as close to a ballad as Douglas gets, and it highlights the soulful, warm aspects of his vocals that have drawn so many listeners in over the years. Truly a modern day Boyz II Men track wrapped in a pop exterior. The closing track, “Dandelions,” written with Jean Marc and Di, is yet another stunning melodic track about remember what made you fall in love and what it was like to lose it. Piano, guitar, and a haunting chorus of vocals builds a sense of anticipation and hope into the folds of the music itself. It makes for one truly stunning and unexpectedly ending to an album that speaks to the power of having faith in love above all else.

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