Playing soccer improves fitness and health

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For me, soccer or you may call it football, is the best game in the world. This game is popular and has lots of visibility not only in Europe but throughout the world. Soccer is developing because of emotion it creates within fans, and of course, it keeps you fit and healthy.

A bit of background…

The current big events of football are the World Cup, the Champions League, National Leagues and the El-Clasico. There are more than one hundred and fifty teams registered for football by FIFA. After a successive four years, a World Cup is held. Before this, the World cup qualifiers take place. With the help of these qualifiers, only thirty-two teams are selected. Then the tournament is held, and the winner is declared. This World Cup has lots of supporters due to its value and prestige. Another big cup is the Champions League which is held every year to declare the champions of Europe.

All these events are very important to promote football. But football is not only for watching. It’s also a very good game to play due to its advantages towards developing the physique and physical capability of a person. Soccer is one of the best games to maintain your body because there are lots of physical exercise in each soccer game.

To maintain a great body, and for best advantage, you should be a regular player.

  • Exercises provided in a normal soccer game

Soccer is all about physical movements. There are many exercises done in a single football game.

  • Running

You run many times in a common soccer game. There are various reasons for this. While attacking, you have to get past defenders and you have to run fast. To defend well you need to overcome the opponents in place.

  • Jumping

To control the ball or to head the ball you need to jump and leap in a game for various times.

  • Exercise did with the help of skills

To dribble a defender, you need to perform some skills. Skills like step over are the perfect exercise for this sport.

  • Benefits of these exercises towards health
  • Cardiovascular

The pumping of heart due to performing hard exercises in a football game is very effective for the cardiovascular system. This system helps us get the flow of blood towards the important parts and organs of our body and can even help us heal quicker and better.

  • Abs

Football not only maintains our body, but it can improve a person’s build. Exercises like running help us gain abs. These abs make a body look and feel strong and fit.

  • Strength of muscles and bones

Soccer even helps us improve the strength of our muscles and bones. Due to the regular use of knees, shoulders, and toes, they become stronger.

If soccer is played regularly, we can maintain our body with a better cardiovascular system, abs, and strength with the help of the physical movements performed in each football game. To help beginners with playing soccer, soccer gap is a perfect guide.


Guest Post by Jeff Nachmani

Jeff Nachmani is a football coach. He is obsessed with soccer and encourages outdoor games. He regularly posts at

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