Piper Connolly Releases Retro Music Video For “muse”

Piper Connolly, the teen pop-punk sensation, has released her latest music video for "Muse." Connolly’s distinctive style shines through as she showcases the eclectic and foundational influences that define her.

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Piper Connolly, teen pop-punk sensation unveiled her latest music video for “muse.” The video not only introduces her powerful sound but also delves into her background of unique classic rock fused with UK prog rock. Connolly’s ability to go against the grain is present as she showcases the eclectic, foundational influences that make Connolly who she is. 

From Phoenix, Arizona, Piper Connolly has transformed herself from her childhood acting career, emerging as an edgy pop-punk princess in the music industry. Set in 1973, Connolly utilizes vintage-looking sets and retro film camera aesthetics to enhance her narrative. Drawing influence from Freddie Mercury and Queen, Connolly experiments by channeling these artists into her vision. Connolly shares, “There are lots of easter eggs in the video, of things that are very ‘me.'” The music video invites listeners into her world of introspection using intentional makeup choices, performance scenes, and her iconic merch bear. The video serves as a blazing anthem of resilience, encouraging viewers to embrace their own style. 

Disregarding current trends, Connolly stays true to her sound and vision with “muse”. The music video is now available to watch and download on all platforms now. For more updates, fans can follow Piper Connolly on Instagram and TikTok, joining her on the journey through music and self-discovery.

Piper Connolly- muse (Official Video)
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