Philippine Homes: 5 Design Ideas for a Modern Filipino Home

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A beautiful plant is like having a friend around the house. – Beth Ditto

Correlated to the plant used in the adage, a beautiful aesthetic in your homes can uplift you. It can comfort you in some ways you’d never imagine just like having a friend consoling or merely enjoying his moments with you together. Whatever things you’ll find in your home, may it be a plant or a ceramic piece, there is always something that calms your senses as you reach home. As a modern Filipino living in the peak of globalization, it’s no surprise to be facing a lot of pressure and stress in school, at work, or even among peers, and the only escape there is- to have a home engulfed with beauty and peace.

Filipinos are not the only ones adapting to globalization, but also our homes. To cope up with the changes, Filipino architects have redesigned our traditional “Bahay Kubo” to a modern home. Redesigning does not mean eradicating our roots, but adding more sleek innovations to our Bahay Kubo. Incorporated with some of our local furniture and products and some reinventions, it is not possible to decorate our homes like some of the luxurious homes in the Philippines and attain the relaxation and peace we wanted. So check out these design ideas you might want to incorporate for your homes.

 Go Local

As stated, choose local materials like natural stones, mat weaving, coconut, recycled lumber, and bamboo. For instance, use the earthenware Vigan Tiles from Ilocos Sur. Due to its subdued orange color, it gives off a warm, rustic yet sophisticated look in your homes. Aside from it cost less for item transportation, you are also able to help Mother Earth and your fellowmen in choosing locally-made products.

 Opt for Electricity-Saving Measures

Living in a tropical country, we mostly encounter ‘hot and rainy days’ which lead us to always keep our fan or air conditioners on to keep us cool all the time and keep the lights on as when it rains, it gets dark at home. With this in mind, we are all spending too much for our monthly electric bills. If not, we opt to go to malls and go to pools and beaches to escape the heat and other casualties. Another expenditure, isn’t it? Gladly, there are design ideas to make our homes cooler and brighter. You may install full windows to allow natural light to enter your abode. Aside from using Capiz Panel as windows, like Interior Designer Jim Pambid, you may use Capiz Panels on the ceiling to diffuse light. To minimize the overwhelming heat in our country, go for a high ceiling and a clear space for an airy and cozy feel.

The Bahay Kubo Concept

Never forget about our traditional home. It is only right to pay homage to our culture, and pretty sure, it’s difficult to ignore the roots of our race. You may have homes that have high-pitched roofs with sunshades and overhangs ideal for sun and rain protection.

The Banggerahan

One huge hassle whenever we wash the dishes is when we put the plates to dry, and there are some water residues left in our dishwashers. Thus, be a home of some bacteria or diseases. Opt for a banggerahan wherein you can use it to dry plates and other dinnerware without worrying about the stagnant water beneath it. Also, doing so will make your kitchen organized and neat.

Details. Details. Details.

There’s nothing wrong with choosing plain furniture, it’s a style you live by, but you may want to try pieces with intriguing textures and patterns. You may wish to use Caning or Solihiya for the backs and seats of your chairs. If you’re going to be more creative, you may cut Solihiya sheets as picture frames or as woven bases for your lamps and tables.

Aside from furniture, you can also play with your walls and floors. You may install Ara-al (Philippine Slate). As it comes in a variety of hues of brown, gray, and copper, it creates a roughed and naturally rugged look. You may put Ara-al in your entrance or even as a living room detail. Another wall design idea is using antique bricks. Its aged-look and texture can make your space comfortable and homey because of its old-world beauty.

These are just some of the modern design ideas you may position to your homes. It’s okay not to get all these innovations at once. It’s always a step-by-step process. Also, remember that no matter what size your house is, you can still make your houses as cozy and lovable and be one of the most beautiful homes in the Philippines. With Ayala Land, you can be assured of that.

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