Pallas Athene’s Self-Titled EP is out

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Pallas Athene Is an ethereal altpop project created by Breanna Johnston. [PEC,ON]

After spending nearly a decade playing in various rock and folk bands, in 2014 she injured her hands in a construction mishap and had to take an extended break from guitar in order to heal, a hiatus which led to an adventure in making electronic music.

In 2016 Pallas Athene recorded her first single “What I Want” which was selected as a demo feature for FatCat Records UK, and was released on a vinyl compilation by the same label in July, 2019. [“Brought to Light Vol.1”]

Pallas Athene’s debut self-titled EP is an ethereal dark pop record, exploring the theme of man vs machine. With lo-fi dream vocals and minimalistic beats, the songs have an ethereal and contemplative quality

Ultimately, Pallas Athene is the result of introspection, isolation, and rehabilitation.

Stream the entire Self-Titled EP here:

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