Olivia Reid Drops Sentimental New Single Central Park West

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Rising indie singer/songwriter Olivia Reid unveils her latest single, “Central Park West,” a tender homage to her departed aunt and uncle, who resided in the neighborhood that inspired the song’s title. “Central Park West” is a must-listen for anyone who wants to find peace through their healing journey. 

Following her latest single, “Wounds,” “Central Park West” reflects Olivia’s innate ability to capture the vulnerability of our deepest emotions and illuminate the most dynamic aspects of the human experience. Deeply resonating with listeners who are in the process of mourning, Olivia acknowledges the immeasurable pain while also expressing the joy and comfort in the memories of her loved ones. 

“I wrote and produced ‘Central Park West’ to honor the memory of my Uncle Chris when he passed away. My great Aunt Stevie, who had a long battle with Alzheimer’s, passed away soon after. They lived in Central Park West for decades, and I cherish the days I spent in the park with them.  This is a song for anyone mourning the loss of someone or something, where the mix of joyful memories coexist with grief and gratitude.” – Olivia Reid 

With a bittersweet nostalgia, the piece intertwines delicate guitar melodies, intricately woven sound samples, and Olivia’s soothing vocals. Consumed with grief, Olivia recorded the end portion of the track in her bedroom, adding to the raw authenticity of the song. She takes the time to romanticize and cherish the little moments with her aunt and uncle with lyrics like, “Ask me to walk slow and hold your arm,  hand in hand we go.” I’m not crying; you’re crying!

Stream “Central Park West” below and visit Olivia online at OliviaReid.com


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