Norwegian newcomer Ruben Dawnson deals with anxiety & loneliness in Echo Emotions EP

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Ruben Dawnson will leave a lasting impression with his debut EP, Echo Emotions. With consistently solid songwriting, the young Norwegian explores the perils of anxiety, loneliness and fear, but through all that emotional fire, Dawnson also comes to have a greater understanding of himself. The jangly, hazy, introspective pop project is a true coming-of-age story; beyond simple biology, this is about growing into yourself.

Speaking about the Echo Emotions EP, Ruben Dawnson tells us that:
“this is a very special and introspective project for me, a product of reflections and thoughts built over several years. itʼs about confronting your true self, learning and acknowledging your inner fears, struggles, issues… honesty & fear. learning to be honest. realizing itʼs okay to tell people. opening up. Discovering new sides of yourself. lessons. change. growth yet stillness. itʼs raw, direct and as honest as it can be. fear, mortality, loss, loneliness, anxiety, sexuality – hope & love. this is the truest expression of me in my moments of existence.”

The EP features previously released singles ‘FYALMA’, his brilliant anti-anxiety anthem, and ‘SAYIMGOOD’, his most urgent of songs in which the songwriter flits between self-love and self-criticism. Newest single of note is ‘I Don’t Wanna Be Alone’, which was written many months before the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, yet it’s the most perfect song to sum up how so many self-isolated people are feeling right now.
In his own words, Dawnson says:

“I wrote this song last summer. it’s a very vulnerable and honest song about loneliness, love and insecurity. i often feel lonely, even though I’m not physically alone… I never would’ve thought it was gonna be as relevant as it is right now!! I think a lot of people are dealing with these feelings, so it’s dedicated to everyone struggling with loneliness or fear – we’re in it together

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