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Music Review – Omar Alhindi, Bedhead Part 1

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Omar Alhindi is the next big thing in pop music.

The central California-born pop artist started his burgeoning music career young, signing with Tyme Records at only fifteen years old. An emotional storyteller, he combines unforgettable pop melodies with emotional experiences pulled from his own life — a winning combination of sonic aesthetics and audience engagement. With his debut single, “Back to You,” he explored the importance of appreciating the people and things in life before it’s too late. Listeners instantly connected and Omar’s dedicated fan base began to develop.

The hard hitting “Twisted” launched that fanbase even further, seeing him expanding into gyrating dance beats and synth-infused vocals dripping with lush harmonic choruses. It was the dawn of a new sound for the artist who took a much needed sabbatical from popular music to find his own way. In those quiet moments he discovered the feel good vibe and beat centric sound that is now his staple.


My Intentions – Omar Alhindi, Bedhead Part 1 – Track 1

Track Rating: 4

Stay Strong – Omar Alhindi, Bedhead Par 1 – Track 8

Track Rating: 4

Tyme Records LLC

Album: Bedhead Part 1 – October 25, 2016

Genre: Pop

Album Rating: 3


California pop artist Omar Alhindi has been lucky enough to be with the same record label, Tyme, since starting at just 15 years old. A label known for molding young talent and helping them develop their creative wings. Which seems to be just the right fit for this young man who writes all of his own songs, down to the lyrics and the music, and even produces.

Omar entered the scene in 2015 with his power ballad, Back to Me. A beautiful song of wanting lost love back. Reflecting soulful vocals with immense feeling and depth it is not difficult to understand the social following that resulted.

He quickly followed Back to Me up with the rap infused tune, Twisted, which shows a whole other side to this multi-talented individual, who loves to play piano and guitar.

After spending some time off Alhindi is back; releasing his debut album, Bedhead Part 1, in October 2016. With a wonderfully, nostalgic sound reminiscent of the boy bands in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

His single My Intentions is an alluring song that showcases Alhindi’s singing and songwriting expertise by blending lyrics with expressive vocals that reflect heartfelt love for a woman he struggles to commit to, due to the pull of his music career. You can truly hear his heart and his soul fighting one another. Add to this an accompanying music video (racking up over 468,000 views since January) that lends to the visual strife, and the overall feeling is complete.

In fact Omar has several songs on this album which share this same vibe, all with a poignant story to tell. Which should not be a surprise from this talented man who writes his songs from his own life experiences.

This talent includes some exceptional vocal ability which is evident in the acoustic song Stay Strong. You really get to hear Alhindi; all the smoothness, mixed with breathy growls and soprano like highs that make for a good feeling love song when sung by a passionate man.

Unfortunately that alluring voice doesn’t get the full spotlight it deserves on Bedhead Part 1. The music itself is very electronically created and mastered which makes for a collection of songs displaying much the same sound, covering Alhindi’s vocals and denying one the pleasure of enjoying Omar’s true range. Although Dance All Night, which Omar describes as having a “summer vibe”, does try to change this up a bit with some drum tempo; and Neverland, which in his words is “fantasy adventure”, adds in some guitars; there’s still not a big variance. And maybe that’s just the style Alhindi has envisioned for Bedhead Part 1.

That’s not to say there isn’t something here because with singing chops like this and influences the likes of Ne-Yo, Usher and Michael Jackson – plus a legion of fans – Omar Alhindi is definitely doing something right and on his way to creating a name for himself. In fact, in an interview with Dope Cause We Said Omar indicated that he is excited to further reinvent himself and his sound in 2017. I’m looking forward to it!



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