Most Popular Free-to-play Gaming Apps of 2019

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The industry of games is very versatile and weird at the same time. The most popular franchises do not certainly provide the best graphics or inventive plot. Researches show that the secret is in total simplicity of ideas, feasible gameplay, free entrance, an immersive multiplayer mode, and accessibility on various platforms. All of the four games picked by managed to provide these features and gathered tens of millions of players worldwide.

Fortnite App

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Fortnite is a leading multiplayer shooter that evolved from an inconspicuous PC PvE (player vs. the environment) game. It offered players to fight against hordes of zombies and build protective fortifications

The popularity came to this title only after the launch of the Battle Royale. This new mode was not an invention of Fortnite app developers, but they managed to bring this genre to the highest level of replayability. Today, there are not many players who remember Fortnite origins. The Mobile version doesn’t even include the PvE mode. However, the total number of these shooter active players in the first quarter of 2019 passed 200 million.

The gameplay of Fortnite is not very complicated but challenging at the same time. A single game session provides 100 users an opportunity to show off their shooting and building skills in a kill-them-all match. Hence, the main objective is to survive in a constantly contracting circle. It is allowed to join the game solo or take 2-4 teammates to fight in cooperation.


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We, at, agreed that this game is an extraordinary example of an extremely long-playing franchise. Roblox was released in far 2004, and it still holds the attention of more than 80 million players every month. It became a famous free-to-play multiplayer entertainment because it’s the only game in which players are allowed to create multiple different games with a convenient building mode.

All players can create their own procedurally-generated worlds and change them without any limitations to share handmade gaming experiences with the community. The number of facilities for crafting depends on the creativity of a user. The most exciting worlds attract millions of players and bring tons of in-game currency to its creators. This money may be spent on new options, tools, and items for advanced crafting. It’s a real feast of imagination!


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Minecraft became a phenomenon for the gaming world as it conquered computers, smartphones, and all popular consoles of more than 70 million players worldwide. Similarly to Roblox, it is focused on the multiplayer mode, but it also provides a very addictive single-player mode. It includes zombie survival with looting, a building of forts, and crafting of vital objects. All blueprints are based on logic and laws of physics, so the process of evolving from a man from the Stone Age to the man who tamed electricity feels very natural.

In the multiplayer mode, you can create new worlds with your friends or join their online rooms. Each server provides a unique gaming experience with specific rules. You can choose one of the standard modes and modify it with any scenario you can imagine. Although the quantity of blocks, creatures, and weapons in the original game is impressive, you can download more than 7000 user modes. In fact, Minecraft couldn’t become so popular without such convenient official tools for modding.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG Mobile App)

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This game is based on the same rules of the Battle Royale genre as Fortnite. Nevertheless, the gameplay of these franchises is completely different. PUBG provides a more realistic and long-playing battlefield experience. The vast open spaces of post-soviet remote place allow players to ambush and search loot without bustling.

Similarly to Fortnite, every online session starts from the landing of 100 soldiers wearing nothing but underwear. Right after this,  everyone must run around to find loot-boxes with random weapons, explosives, and armor. All players have similar opportunities for surviving, so victory requires good tactics and elaborate strategy.

Surprisingly, PUBG developers managed to make a port of a PC franchise with minimal losses and advanced optimization. Multiple tests show that this mobile app runs with higher FPS than the Xbox One version.


These gaming apps are not new, but they still engage tens of millions of players, and this trend is definitely going to live for many years more. Roblox and Minecraft are perfect virtual worlds for fans of sandboxes and unlimited freedom for crafting. Fortnite is not a place for self-expression, but it provides a universe of short challenging-but-fun mass battles. Choose the best online time killer and forget about boredom!

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