Misty Mtn Releases Debut EP Missed Your Call Today

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Self-described “dark mountain pop” duo Misty Mtn (pronounced misty mountain) share their debut EP Missed Your Call, premiered via XS Noize. For members Morissa Trunzo and Lucas Segall, the EP is a scintillating 5-track effort absorbed with lavish synth-pop productions and effervescent vocals. Navigating through melancholic soundscapes and reflective storytelling, Misty Mtn makes their statement in prismatic and inspired ways. As the EP is deeply influenced by the outdoors, each track here is visually associated with natural elements (moon, fire, water, mountains, forest).

Missed Your Call EP features the three singles, “Silver,” “We’ll Call It Even,” and “Guess Who’s Back.” “Silver” lives and breathes in the deep space of hypnotizing downcast synth-pop, darkly texturized productions, and ruminating lyrics. Released April 24, “Silver” was recently featured as KCRW’s “Today’s Top Tune” and landed on Spotify’s Fresh Finds, Fresh Finds Wave, Fresh Finds Index, and Fresh Finds Poptronix playlist.


“We’ll Call It Even” is an airy and emotive endeavor brimming with fortifying tones and beguiling melodies. Oscillating between electro-pop and folk-pop, “Guess Who’s Back” circulates with elegance and tranquility to another heavenly sonic destination the duo are quickly becoming known for. Opening track “Drive” and closing cut “Goodnight” are brand new offerings. In their own distinctive manners, both songs have Misty Mtn wearing their emotions inside and out. The feelings across the entire EP run wild with starry-eyed moments surely to be had. 

Misty Mtn says this of the EP: “‘Missed Your Call’ is about moving on. Whether that be from a place, from a person, from an addiction, etc, it’s about the process, and we wanted the title to illustrate the feeling. Moving on is triumphant, yet sometimes painful. It’s hard, but usually good. It’s freedom, and it’s new beginnings. The phrase, ‘missed your call’ is ambiguous, and that is our intention. We want the audience to choose their own adventure – our music and our stories are for them. Yes, it’s cathartic to write these songs and perform them, but now it’s time to give these songs away. ‘Missed Your Call’ can be whatever you need in the moment. This EP is for you.”

Misty Mtn will be calling Los Angeles home when they make the move in June. With Missed Your Call, the duo teamed up with collaborators Justin Gerrish, who mixed “Drive,” “Silver,” and “Goodnight” and Ariel Loh, who mixed “Guess Who’s Back” and “We’ll Call It Even”. Misty Mtn has received support from Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist, KCRWThe Wild Honey PieEARMILK, The Deli Magazine, CelebMixPopdustSubstream Magazine, and more. On May 9th, they will perform at iHeartRadio NYC’s Acoustic Lounge and will celebrate the EP’s release with a show at Brooklyn’s Kinfolk 94 on May 11th.







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