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Making it in the music industry isn’t easy. Many of us have dreams of making it big, but few of us get there.

Why? Because there’s so much competition! If you have dreams of musical success, you need to bear in mind that you’ll be going up against the greats. Start on the right footing by taking note of those who’ve already made it. You may not like the music they produce, but listening to what works is the best way to ensure success. It’s also important to note that you may have to compromise to achieve recognition. While it’s important to have a different sound, record companies won’t take you if they don’t think your music will sell!

It’s also important to build an audience. With the internet what it is, music producers expect you to do some of the groundwork yourself. Get to grips with social media to build a loyal fanbase. The more you use your account, the more people will notice what you’re doing. It’s also worth setting up a Youtube account. Film your favorite songs and put yourself out there. There’s no guarantee this will work, but it can’t hurt. Youtube sensation Dodie has signed a record contract after achieving over 900,000 subscribers.  


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Once you’ve laid the foundations, think about taking things to the next level. Gigging is the next logical step. This is where every band starts. Accept that you won’t be playing sell out gigs from the off. Success a slow process, and you’ll start by playing to people who don’t care what you play. You may also have to open for larger acts. These are the toughest gigs. People want you to hurry up so they can get to the main event! But, gigs like this are your chance to shine. This is where you could find the recognition you need. The main thing to bear in mind is that you want to win the audience’s affection. Put personality and energy into your performance. Always perform your heart out, even if no one seems to be listening. Catching the attention of the right person is all it takes.

Once you have a decent fanbase behind you, you might want to think about making merch and cds through a company like Nationwide Disc. While no one relishes spending money they may not see a return on; it’s worth the expense. Taking this step will help you ensure people are listening to you, even when you aren’t gigging. Send CDs to your social media fans. It’s also worth sending CDs to reviewers. The more people who know about you, the better.

Most important on this journey is patience. Stars aren’t made overnight. Your favorite musicians may make it look effortless, but that’s far from the truth. You can guarantee that every one of them has put in the same work you are now. And worse, it may not pay off. But, isn’t that always the case with dreams? It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try!

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