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Have you ever been in a scenario where you have gift cards that you can’t use? Well, most people are only aware of the option of selling gift cards in case they have unwanted gift cards. You might get a gift card that you cannot use or the circumstances of using the gift card prove to be a little costly. However, sell gift cards isn’t the only way one can make use of gift cards that are unwanted. The simple truth is that the more time you take with the gift the higher chances that the card will start losing its value. With this in mind, you should, therefore, make use of the unwanted gift cards as soon as possible. Some of the gift cards that people find difficult to use when they receive them include:

  • Travel Gift cards: this can be very tricky to use especially if you had already made plans to travel to another destination. The travel gift cards will not be useful to individuals who don’t like traveling. The other challenge would be if the gift cards need to be redeemed in a place not close to your home location.
  • Gift cards with high shipping costs. If you find that the total amount you will pay for shipping the gift card is higher than the total amount of the gift card then it might be best to forfeit the gift card or find another reliable way of making use of without spending too much money.
  • Gift cards associated with items that are highly priced. Some gifts cards can be deemed t be coupons since they have very significant value compared to the price range of most of the items being sold in that particular store.

Selling gift cards isn’t the only way for one to make use of unwanted gift cards. Below are other ways one can make use of their unwanted gift cards if the sell gift cards option doesn’t work for you.

  1. Sell Gift Cards

 The easiest way to deal with unwanted gift cards is to sell them. There are many gift card exchange platforms that you can use to sell your gift cards and make some good money. However its keen to note that the more popular gift cards tend to attract much higher amounts of cash compared to the other less common gift cards. The other determining factor will be the amount of inventory of the gift cards still available. That’s why it’s good to sell your unwanted gift cards early enough.  Take precaution when picking a gift card exchange website; make sure the site is reliable and legit so that you are not scammed. Better be safe than sorry with your gift cards, the number of people who have been scammed by fake gift card exchange platforms grows daily.

  1. Donation

Many of us don’t know that they can donate unwanted gift cards.  Crazy as it may seem there are many ways in which your gift cards can help the society through donations. These days the fundraising communities in our society look for gift cards which they can redeem to get supplies. These gift cards can even be auctioned or even given as prizes. Your unwanted gift card can be used to make a positive change instead of you letting it lose its value in drawers. You can talk to your local community groups and know where you can donate your gift cards.

  1. Making Gift cards basket

If you are a parent then you will notice there are always many charity projects that the school encourages parents and children to take part in. It could be to help the football team to raise money or help a disadvantaged child. You can add the unwanted gift cards into a gift card and offer to the school during the charity event. Gift card baskets don’t need to be offered during charity; instead, they can also be sued as the perfect gifts this Christmas to the people whom you stay within the same community. I am sure the local police officer or the mailman will find the gift card useful.

  1. Regifting

There are so many people around you who would make use of the gift cards that you think might be unwanted. Its Christmas season and everyone is sending and receiving gift cards. Soon you will find yourself with many gift cards. You can carry on with the Christmas spirit by gifting out the gift cards you are certain you will not use. Your young teenager would make good use of that gift card to a movie screening and some gift card for shopping will also come in handy when buying gifts. At the end of the day remember to carefully pack the gift card if you want to re-gift to another person

  1. Presents and gifts

With Thanksgiving just concluded, everyone is busy preparing their mailing list and looking at the people they will be sending presents and gifts this Christmas. Well, you can use the stockpile of gift cards you have been receiving to cut down on the amount of money you will be using to buy presents. You can use the gift card to buy a Christmas present for a loved one, and it’s not only Christmas, but you can also purchase gifts for other celebrations like birthdays and anniversaries using the gift cards. 

  1. Giving gift cards as a bonus gift

 When sending gifts and presents, everyone includes a note to the receiver so that they can know the gift is from whom. You can also decide to include a gift card accompanied by the note. This strategy can also be used when donating stuff; you can include a gift card or two in the items you will be donating. 

When dealing with gift cards it’s important to know that you have limited time and therefore it’s important to make sure the gift card is used within the first few months after purchase. But then if you don’t think the gift card will be useful to you, then there are many ways in which you can make use of the gifts cards instead of keeping them. With the above tricks am sure you can turn the stock of your unwanted gift cards into a pile of gold and make use of them for the better good.

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