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Maintaining an Eco-Friendly Home During COVID-19

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The COVID-19 Pandemic has impacted the lives of many. Most of all, it has kept people in their homes and avoiding their usual commutes and routines. Many adults are working from home and children alike are ready to begin the school year with another round of virtual learning. With more and more time spent at home, our habits begin to change, and with that comes more waste and a bigger eco-footprint left on our behalf. Continue reading for some useful insight into maintaining an eco-friendly home during COVID-19.

Reduce Plastic Waste

With staying home, individuals have found the accessibility of fast food to be a major W! Thanks to relatively new delivery services such as UberEATS, Grub Hub, and many other privately owned and manager delivery options, customers are less than hesitant to place instant orders for yummy food cravings. However, these takeout options are less than desirable for the environment. When ordering out food for pick-up or delivery, keep your plastic use habits in mind. Instead of receiving plastic utensils, ask your restaurant of choice to hold off on it. If you’re picking up your own meals, ask the restaurant to hold off on the plastic bags.


To make your home more sustainable during the pandemic, consider making the following changes to help protect the Earth. You should start with plastic waste, which we mentioned previously because it doesn’t only come from takeout containers. A big portion of plastic waste comes from our use of disposable cups and plates. To make your home more sustainable during the pandemic, consider ditching the one-use paper and plastic options. With extra time on your hands, also consider taking some time to clean out your closets and donating them for a sustainable option to others. And choose second-hand when looking to purchase clothing or furniture for yourself and your home.

Preserving Food and Other Options

Like it was mentioned previously, many individuals are opting for the takeout and delivery options thanks to our ever-advancing society. However, many have opted to grow their own food! This is a great option for maintaining an eco-friendly home and lifestyle during COVID-19 because growing your own food has a positive impact on the environment. But not everyone has a green thumb and that’s understandable. If that’s the case, consider shopping at your local pop-up farmer’s markets. This gives you a variety of fresh produce options, while positively impacting and reducing the eco-footprint you leave behind.

These three steps can allow you to drastically lessen the eco-footprint you leave behind. Even better, they can help you expand into every part of your lifestyle and encourage you to make the changes and improvements where they’re most needed!

Maintaining an Eco-Friendly Home During COVID-19

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