Magenta Moon Releases New Single “More:” A Tribute to True Love

Attention all music lovers and romantics alike! Magenta Moon has just dropped their latest single, More, and it is an absolute banger. This track is a tribute to true love, encapsulating the essence of vintage gothic pop with a modern twist.

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Magenta Moon dishes out their cravings with their new single “More,” which encapsulates the essence of vintage gothic pop. This track blends early 2000s emo and alternative elements, creating a sound that is both nostalgic and refreshingly unique. With melodic charm wedged between bursts of energy, Magenta Moon develops a soundscape that reels in listeners.

This song “celebrates the power of true love. When you meet the right person, they make you want to keep waking up and perhaps even reincarnate, despite all the horrible things that happen on this planet.” – Magenta Moon

“More” takes a stylistic shift from Magenta Moon’s usual alternative rock sound. Adding to the song’s allure, there is a seductive bridge that seamlessly ties the haunting melodies and resonant lyrics together, enhancing the overall emotional depth of the track. This romantic dynamic captures the duality of love’s power to inspire and the world’s often overwhelming difficulties. Stream and download “More” on all platforms now, and follow Magenta Moon on Instagram @magentamoonparty and TikTok @magentamoonparty.

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