Maddox Lim Thrills on Second Single Pick You Up

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Tenderness and energy blend into one concoction of emotions in Maddox Lim’s new single, “Pick You Up,” a passionate pop-rock ballad that speaks to the power of helping others in times of need. 

The second release for this rising indie-pop artist, “Pick You Up,” reveals Maddox’s potential as a masterful songwriter whose emotional maturity is well beyond his years. The track unfolds through an energetic buildup and contemplative moments, blending the smokey and melancholic feeling of 80s pop-rock ballads with dynamic youthfulness of Maddox’s vocal performance and the freshness of his approach. 

“It’s hard to watch those you care about be sad and in pain. I wanted to write a song to lift their spirits and let them know that no matter what happens, I will always be there for them and that things will eventually get better.” – Maddox Lim

“Pick You Up” is a celebration of empathy, putting forward the importance of mutual trust and caring for others. Featuring lyrics like, “I won’t let it get out of hand, just know I’ll be there to pick you up,” the song crafts a candid tenderness, constellated by distinctive pop-rock rhythms which swell the tune-up with emotion. Maddox Lim finds his love language in holding out a helping hand to those he loves, spreading positivity in his unabashed authenticity. 

There’s power in being vulnerable and helping one another, the song implicitly states – with a blend of gentleness and youthful exuberance that are set to become Maddox Lim’s own signature stamp, mixing delicate vocals with profound lyrics and energetic, moving rhythms. Following the footsteps of his first release, “Hollow Dreams,” Maddox Lim’s musical journey is one that continues to flourish.  We definitely recommended adding “Pick You Up” to your playlists and following him on Instagram, @_maddox.lim.
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