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Lyrical Hip-Hop Artist Lawrence Turner Releases EP “A Lil’ Something”

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Emerging artist Lawrence is a jack of all trades. As a recording artist, photographer, videographer and performer, Lawrence Turner is an all around entertainer. Influenced by the energetic, creative styles of Busta Rhymes, Ludacris & Missy Elliott and the aggressive delivery of DMX and Eminem, Lawrence fell in love with music at an early age due to the expression of raw emotion of these artist.

At the age of 14, Lawrence began writing and recording songs only for comedic purposes. Only remixing popular songs to amuse friends and family. It was only after people around him starting doubting his actual writing abilities that he took the art of music seriously. Striving to prove he isn’t just a “funny man”, Mr. Turner began rapping more aggressive and writing more personal, original music.x

Over the years, he has made it his mission to keep his genuine personality present in his music. Most of Lawrence’s music videos contain a comedic element used to entertain audiences, much due to the inspiration of the previously mentioned artist. Due to his song topic inspiration coming from raw emotions, the music created from that process is very versatile. From cheeky upbeat music with personality, to angry hard hitting aggressive tones, to simplistic depressing vibes. Lawrence doesn’t shy away from making every side of himself known through his music. There’s no gimmick or alter ego, there’s just Lawrence Turner. His latest Ep “A Lil Something” is exactly what the title says, a little something to gift his fans until he releases his highly anticipated album. Stay tuned for more Lawrence Turner in 2018-2019.

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