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Lostboycrow Releases New EP ‘Traveler: The Third Legend’

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LA-based pop artist Lostboycrow has finally completed his Traveler trilogy with his new EP, Traveler: The Third Legend, out everywhere now.

The new EP “defies the rules of most standard genres and musical classifications,” says Josh Chesler of OC Weekly. “Falling somewhere between electropop and R&B, the long-haired musician has rapidly carved out a niche for himself as an equally catchy and poetic voice of the youth.”

“By not falling too far into the generation’s hipster artist tropes, there’s a certain timelessness in Lostboycrow’s music that could help it bridge the generation gap between his avid fans and their mumble rap-hating parents.” – OC Weekly

“With a vision that’s sleek like the cities, and natural like the mountains and deserts, he’s conquered a lot in his short time as Lostboycrow.” – Andy Gorel, c-heads

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photo by Teren Mabry

Lostboycrow recently announced the second segment of the ‘Spin The Globe’ tour, featuring Prelow and DYSN. The tour kicks off March 18th in Santa Fe, NM and ending April 20th in Santa Ana, CA. For tour dates and tickets, please visit 

About Lostboycrow:

Lostboycrow is an idea that pays homage to new beginnings and a poignant heritage, best described as a Pop minded vocalist’s dark love affair with the world of modern R&B. Still shrouded in mystery, the idea of Lostboycrowis the foundation for what we know about him as a musician. 

Sonically, the Los Angeles artist delves in to the world of introspective dance music. He takes pride in his thoughtful and provocative lyrics, but doesn’t forget to cater to the current Pop-centric audience. Lostboycrow gives a voice to the voiceless through his storytelling ability while sonically finding the perfect medium between Pop, R&B, and Electronic music. 

He has toured with VÉRITÉ, co-headlined with Flor, and this Fall of 2017 is going back out for a Nationwide headline tour. Lostboycrow has amassed a wide listener base with over 130 Million streams across his music. He continues to create more and more every day as his three-part album ‘Traveler’ continues to be rolled out.

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