Lostboycrow Releases Intimate Acoustic Video “Vanessa”

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LA-based pop artist Lostboycrow is back with a dreamy, black-and-white acoustic video for his song “Vanessa”, from the second installment of his three-part Traveler EP. The stripped-down guitar and vocals really show off his raw talent, emotional sincerity, and songwriting abilities.

Lostboycrow - Vanessa (Acoustic Video)

The Traveler EP “defies the rules of most standard genres and musical classifications,” says Josh Chesler of OC Weekly. “Falling somewhere between electropop and R&B, the long-haired musician has rapidly carved out a niche for himself as an equally catchy and poetic voice of the youth.”

“By not falling too far into the generation’s hipster artist tropes, there’s a certain timelessness in Lostboycrow’s music that could help it bridge the generation gap between his avid fans and their mumble rap-hating parents.” – OC Weekly

“With a vision that’s sleek like the cities, and natural like the mountains and deserts, he’s conquered a lot in his short time as Lostboycrow.” – Andy Gorel, c-heads

Stream/download ‘Traveler, The Third Legend’ on Spotify and Apple Music

Lostboycrow has been on a nationwide tour for his Traveler trilogy all spring, and he is scheduled to perform at the upcoming Bonzanza Campout festival in Utah next month

For more information about Lostboycrow

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/lostboycrow/

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/lostboycrow/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/lostboycrow

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