Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter FAZE releases his new single “Tradition”

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“Tradition” marks another milestone in Faze’s journey as an artist; this is his first single to be released since his debut EP Eclipse, released in 2019. The track was written by FAZE and Dale Anthoni and produced by Dan and Tom Glashausser (aka Glashaus).

“I originally wrote and recorded Tradition back in 2017. It ended up being pitched to both Shawn Mendes and Charlie Puth but neither artist picked up the track. I then re-recorded Tradition in 2019 while I was working on my debut EP Eclipse but in the end it wasn’t included. It was always one of my favorites and I dreamed of releasing it one day. During quarantine this year I continually found myself going back to listen to it. I decided it was finally the right time to share it and began working on a release.”

Tradition is very much so mainstream pop accompanied by a chill acoustic guitar element. It’s upbeat and sexy, while lyrically it reminisces on a relationship that’s ended. “I was reflecting on all of the things that I missed “I miss when we’d drive to the sunset, kicking of our shoes in the back seat.”

Tradition is descriptive and colorful, telling a story through the memories” says FAZE. “I talk about how no matter what happens in one, or even different relationships, there is a cycle of habits that are repeating” “I guess it’s happening again, I knew that we would end up here because you’re my tradition”. This song also talks about how you can be so close with another person you’re inseparable and one day, people can change and pretend like none of it ever happened. I end up asking “Can we break the tradition, stop history repeating, I hate watching you leaving” but the response is always the same answer “I guess it’s happening again, I guess I f*cked it up again”.

FAZE’s approach to Tradition has a different vibe compared to his past releases, revealing a fresh new sound and look. “Even though I wrote this song so long ago, I had time and room to reflect and grow with it. When it came to re-recording Tradition I knew exactly how I wanted to sound. It is very personal to me, I always strive to be honest with my music. I find transparency in my art therapeutic and I feel this particular song is very relatable. I am super thrilled to finally be able to show it to the world!”

“Tradition” is available now through all digital retailers https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/faze2/tradition





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