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Someone rightly said, “the first impression is the last impression” and also, I would just say that one should make it big because you might not get a second opportunity to do the same. When it comes to the professional world, the very first thing noticed in a man’s personality is the sense of dressing and then somehow it comes to the way you interact and furthermore. This means you have to be prepared whenever you’re going for an interview or an important meeting with the client or your staff itself.

To make a bold reputation among the colleagues itself, you must have the right dressing sense that speaks about your personality. Starting from choosing the best luxury clothing styles, the list goes all the way to choose the formal options to embrace in bags, you have to get everything right. How are you going to do that? Well, let me lay down some very practical and essential aspects that’ll help you construct your style and fashion appeal.

Invest in suits – the quality one: You’d find suits at every nook and corner these days. The real aspect here is investing in something that would last longer and provide the needed fashion appeal. Budget yourself and see how many suits can you buy into that. For example, you have ‘n’ amount and you can buy 4 suits in the same amount. Go for only 2 pairs rather than 4 and focus on the detailing, fabric, texture, cuts, fit and all the other aspects that should be taken care of. Keep the quality first whether it is a suit or other men’s fashion clothing articles and make sure fit comes after that.

Go for signature pieces before you start experimenting: Do not jump to the various color combinations if you’re a beginner because you might end up regretting your decision. However, taking the initial steps with classic colors such as navy, black and grey would be a better option to go for. These colors would not let you down at any cost and would lift your looks. Once done, you can move on with the various colors that go well with your skin tone and personality.

Help people focus on your intelligence with solid shirts: Did you know that stripes or any other patterned shirts distract the viewer while talking to you? Well, if you didn’t know let me put it forward for you. If you want the interviewer to notice your capability, knowledge, and intelligence, solid shirts are very helpful because without any design the entire focus of the other person would be on you rather than your clothes. The stripes, checks, or other patterns distract them and allures them towards the print instead of your capability. The same applies to the colors you choose. Loud shades attract attention to your personality than to your performance.

Complementing trousers: Either too loose or too tight trousers are a big no-no when it comes to putting your best foot forward. Make sure you know your size well and buy styles that will help you walk in style rather than discomfort. Fitting Chino pants are hot in style. Try them on!

Accessorize with handsome ties: Just like shirts and suits, make sure the ties don’t get a lot of undue attention from the viewers. Let the bold ones be for your seniors and bosses so that they look like your seniors.

Put your best foot forward with your handsome designer shoes: Gone are days of college when wearing casuals was a thing. Now, when you are taking a big leap of success or starting a new chapter, makes sure your footwear changes accordingly. Go on and try the formal trends such as Derbies, Suedes and other styles that make your personality go up a level. After all, you know you can judge a man’s personality by his shoes. However, just buying them would not be the end to your problems, make sure you polish them regularly and treat them well to make them last longer.

With all the practical tips, make sure you look tidy and groomed when you step into that room. Be bold and let them see it for themselves with your dress up and attitude.

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