London’s Alana Sukul returns with dancehall-inspired track ‘Closer’

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Shortly following Alana Sukul’s impressive debut single ‘Be Friends’, which was celebrated by CloudKid, Acid Stag, Noctis Magazine, CULTR and more, the South West London artist is back with new single ‘Closer’.

Drawing on her parents’ Carribean heritage, Sukul incorporates lively dancehall textures alongside feel-good pop melodies and that ever present R&B feel. Staying true to her signature patchwork genre style, It’s one of those songs you want to play loud on a warm summer’s day whether hanging out with friends or enjoying your own space. In contrast to Sukul’s last single, there’s no sense of self doubt or insecurity this time around, ‘Closer’ is pure confidence.

“Realising your self confidence and worth is a beautiful thing. Grasp it, you’ll want to pull it closer.” – Alana Sukul

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