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Little Fuss Discuss Mental Spirals With “She’s a Liar”

by Divine Magazine

Indie art pop duo Little Fuss has released “She’s a Liar,” the third segment from their cinematic, nine-chapter concept album, Girls At Parties.

Inspired by the short story Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, which follows a woman who is berated and gaslit by her husband to the point where she begins a downward spiral of stress, anxiety, and the feeling of insanity after interacting with a version of herself within the walls, the new single zooms in to examine negative mental spiral and encapsulates how one’s own mental health can leave them feeling stagnant. “She’s a Liar” is available for streaming on all digital platforms.

“She’s a Liar” continues to highlight the creative versatility of Olivia Martinez and Cody Von Lehmden – the duo behind Little Fuss – as artists and storytellers. The new single follows “Girls at Parties” and “Guardian Angel,” previously released from Girls At Parties, a profoundly emotional psychological journey that explores the perspectives and experiences of nine apprehensive interconnected characters navigating a social gathering. All three 90’s-esque power-pop-twinged tracks swirl vividly around the misery of the song’s specific protagonist, and serve as a searing commentary on grief, anxiety, and other mental health topics. 

Girls At Parties – a sonic extension of their 2021 debut EP, Hazy, – perfectly embodies the dichotomy of their music, with inquisitive lyrics set against cinematic arrangements. In addition to “She’s a Liar,” both the title track from Girls At Parties, which gathered champions at 1883 Magazine and Ones To Watch, and the second single from that record, “Guardian Angel,” which was added to Billboard’s 10 Cool New Pop Songs round-up, can be streamed and downloaded on digital platforms worldwide. You can keep up with Little Fuss – a pair of shy creatives hoping to “take introverted perspectives and write songs that make them loud enough to hear” – by following them on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok at @LittleFussBand.

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